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Among rickshaw drivers, Kejriwal more popular than Himesh Reshamiya

09, Apr 2014 By kavanlimbasiya

In a latest development Arvind Kejrival has beaten Himesh Reshamiya hands down when it comes to popularity among rickshaw drivers across India.

On being asked to comment by a paid journalist, Kejriwal said “I thank God for bestowing upon me such a respect from fellow rickshaw driver brothers,” before he finished the sentence he hastened to add “I thank Allah too”.

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“Himesh was a crony singer, during my campaign I showed how pathetic Himesh’s voice is. He sings not from his throat but from his nose, its cheating, almost corruption” said Kejrival

Our reporter also interacted with some rickshaw drivers to understand the new phenomenon. One rickshaw driver said, “I used to like Himesh, but when I heard Kejriwal singinginsan ka insan se ho bhai chara‘ during his swearing in ceremony on becoming Delhi CM, I underwent a change of heart and immediately replaced Himesh’s poster with Kejriwal’s from my rickshaw.”

Insiders say that Kejriwal is also about to bring a kranti by beating in popularity singers which are popular among middle class too, like Sonu Nigam and Rahat fateh ali khan. But, he is not yet revealing his intentions lest middle class becomes anti Kejriwal.