Monday, 23rd April, 2018

Amma condemns Jaya TV

07, Oct 2014 By RT

“My dear countrymen, I would like to announce to the entire nation that I take complete responsibility for the current legal situation. It is up to me to fight against the hardship and come out clean, unaffected by the challenges, that are posed against me. Thank you for your overwhelming support, during the difficult times. Having said that, I want the following activities be stopped at once in my state.

1. No protest, in whatsoever form.

2. No statements in my support, in whatsoever form.

If anybody does one of the above two or both, they are NOT going to enter in my good books. Rather they would end up in my bad books. I appeal to the police department to take strictest action against anyone who breaks the law and cause trouble to the general public and normal life in the state, under the excuse of supporting me.

Until after the legal situation is resolved, in the eyes of the rest of the world, your leader is beheld as corrupt. To some of them your leader is beheld as criminal. I respect their opinion and they are totally entitled to the opinion; I appeal to all my supporters not to display any advertisement projecting me as ‘Dharma Amma, ‘Can GOD be punished?’ etc., It would purely be nauseating to them and would be outright comical to the rest of the world.

Jaya TV to stop broadcasting all the nonsense about 60 people committed suicide to protest against my arrest. It is highly of very bad taste and wrong precedent. It is downright embarrassing when political critics call me and ask ‘Why none of your council of ministers, who cried so profoundly during oath-taking ceremony, haven’t had cardiac arrests?’

I want to reiterate to my supporters that your leader is much taller and too big in stature for a legal situation like this to affect in any significant manner. Also, I would like to reiterate to my countrymen that my agenda for the welfare of the state is vast and I would not go down easily and fight till the very end towards my goal of betterment for the people that immensely have faith in me. In power or not, I would continue to work towards the betterment of my state and would not tolerate any harm done towards my people – physical or emotional, especially under the excuse of supporting me. Jai Hind!”