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Amma, Amma, Amma: Public

21, Oct 2014 By Rima

On 17 Oct 2014, the peculiar(read: abnormal) state of Tamil Nadu experienced happiness of a thoroughly different nature. It was a day of breathtaking ecstasy for the adherents of Jayalalitha. In fact, attacks of asthma and cases of vocal cord dysfunction were widely reported across the state, along with several incipient schizophrenic individuals.

As Former TN CM Jayalalitha a.k.a Amma travelled to her Poes Garden residence in Chennai, she met with several of her ardent followers, who despite the daunting presence of numerous Black cats, ran and crashed with the car she was seated in, striving to get their 15 seconds of deserved fame and attention.

They didn’t seem to mind the blows the cats gave them. Nor did they seem to mind the rain pouring down on them, demanding their immediate withdrawal.

“Rain or shine, we don’t care. We care about nothing but our Amma. She is everything to us,” declared a Amma devotee.

“It is ridiculous to suppose that something like rain should deter us from our primary obligation, which is worshiping our dearest Amma,” added his 15-year-old son.

Indeed, when it comes to our mothers, we all become oblivious to pain and unheeding to our dwindling sanity. The absence of certain vital parts of the brain is also a discernible occurrence. But curiously enough, Jayalalitha is nobody’s biological mother.

Scientists from a small town in Chennai are pondering over this unique and certainly awe-inspiring mindset of Tamilians. They haven’t reached their eureka moment yet, but soon will.

“As soon as we’re bribed by Jayalalitha, we’ll think of a viable result,” said one of the four masterminds.

From the events befalling Tamil Nadu, we can arrive at only one conclusion.

It is a woefully retarded world, and only god can avail us.

Or Amma, of course.