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Ambani has bribed Rahul Gandhi to act dumb, alleges Arvind Kejriwal

09, May 2014 By rajivnv

In one of the most riveting interviews yet, Arvind Kejriwal has accused Ambani of bribing Rahul Gandhi and the Congress party to “act dumb” so that the Modi led BJP wins the general election.

Rahul Gandhi
Rahul’s response to Kejriwal.

In a FN exclusive, Arvind Kejriwal handed out tapes after tapes of Rahul Gandhi buffoonery and claimed that no person can be this stupid.

These tapes included his speeches on “escape velocity”, “poverty as a state of mind”, “this morning I woke up in the night”, “Rani ki Jhansi and other pearls of wisdom at CII”, “Gujarat women and milk”, “Rahul Gandhi counter questions to students, rickshaw pullers…”, “an hour and a half long RTI for women empowerment” and the latest “Obama is scared of UP” speech.

Sir, yeh sab inki chaal hain. Ambani ne Rahul Gandhi ko paise diye hain apne aap ko bewakoof dikhane ke liye taaki Modi jeet jaayein! Aap hi dekhiye iss tape ko. Saare speech suniye – koi doosri wajah ho hi nahi sakti ki koi Congress jaise party ke liye aise speech likhe aur koi stage mein aise bewakoofy ki baatein karein. Yeh sab – BJP, Congress, Ambani – milein huen hain! Sab chor hain – isi ko badlne ke liye hum aayein hain” (Sir, All this is a conspiracy. Ambani has paid Rahul Gandhi to act dumb so that Modi wins the election. You can check the tapes yourself. There is no other explanation why a party like Congress will write such speeches nor why any party leader would make a fool of himself so repeatedly on a public platform. All of them – BJP, Congress, Ambani – are conspiring together. They are all thieves. We have come to change this)

Kejriwal scathing remarks didn’t stop at Rahul Gandhi. He said Ambani has paid the entire Congress party to lose this election. He first pointed out that without the compliance of other seniors in the Congress party, this constant buffoonery of Rahul Gandhi could not have taken place.

He also pointed out that Congress had been sending the most lackluster and dumb representatives like Sanjay Jha across all news channels though he was consistently getting hammered by all journalists and BJP candidates.

Kejriwal alleges that the ploy is to make every Indian citizen vote for BJP and then for Ambani to loot India through BJP for the next ten years. By then people would have forgotten about Rahul Gandhi’s stupidity and would vote for Congress again.

He extended his conspiracy theory by speaking of the elections at Amethi and Varanasi. He claimed that posting of Smriti Irani by BJP at Amethi was just to split the anti-Congress vote so that Rahul Gandhi wins from Amethi.

He said this is part of a ‘quid pro quo’ arrangement where Ajay Rai from Congress has been posted at Varanasi to split the anti-Modi votes so that Modi wins the seat at Varanasi.

While Congress has dismissed these claims and has requested the media to be kinder to their leader, BJP and its supporters have claimed that this is a ploy by AAP to become the A-team to Congress as compared to the B-team it was before.

With the raising rhetoric, it will be interesting to see what impact these latest allegations will have on the last stage of polling across India.