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Alleged sex scandal of Kumar Vishwas was 'Physical Alignment' only: Supporters

02, Apr 2015 By Virtually Real

New Delhi: According to one of the news papers, renowned poet and AAP key leader Kumar Vishwas is alleged to have been caught in bed with AAP student volunteer in Amethi. It created huge fray in social media among people with different opinions.

When this correspondent asked about this to one of the key members of the party, he termed it as ‘Battery Recharge’ during the hectic election campaign. On condition of anonymity, one female volunteer who accompanied the poet in Amethi talks more about this. She recalls it as a battery recharge indeed but using thin pin charger only. That is why she didn’t complain for this but don’t know how it came into media.

Kumar Vishwas Exposed!
Kumar Vishwas Exposed!

We also contacted some of the close aide of Kumar. Some people call it marital alignment while many of them named it as Physical alignment. Elaborating more on this people say it “Marital Alignment” as Kumar may not be happy with his wife so to keep his married life alive, he did such alignment. It is nothing more than that and people should respect and learn how he is trying to keep his married life sweeter than Yogendra Yadav’s speech and even more immortal than Arvind Kejriwal’s cough.

Another faction of his supporter call this as “Physical Alignment” as they feel that majority of people in social media have opinion that he is a gay, so after being caught in such act, he proved them completely wrong. This group also believe that news may have been leaked to media by Kumar Vishwas himself.

After multiple efforts finally this correspondent could connect to poet and got his take on this. He believes that he has done nothing wrong. He was just trying to follow Gandhi ji’s experiment with chastity. He questioned us if everyone is following Mahatma Gandhi’s non violence so why he shouldn’t be going a step ahead. Further to this he adds few lines from his famous poem as

koi deewana kahta hai, koi tharkee samajhata hai, magar dil ki bechaini ko, bas kejri samajhata hai…