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All 'Nuts' feel insulted after Robert Vadhra uses their name against journalists

03, Nov 2014 By fakebond

This has to be definitely the most embarrassing moment for the Gandhi family as their famous son-over-law has once again managed to snatch controversy literally from no-where.

With Congress scuttling for cover and BJP & other parties having a field day to further embarrass an already down-in-the-dumps Congress, this opposition from totally unexpected quarters has left everyone shell-shocked.

robert vadra
Nuts are angry with him

FN spoke to the Head Nut of the ‘All India Nuts Association’ (AINA) and this is what he had to say:

“We knew that humans started using our names (being synonymous to stupid and idiot) in day-to-day language in modern era. We had no problem with that and since we are liberal, we didn’t think much over it. We knew that we are very important to humans and are healthy to eat and hence we thought of ignoring it. But slowly, as the human intellect in politics degenerated and political species such as Diggy, Aiyar, Jha etc started being equated to us, our entire brethren were up in arms. We couldn’t stand such insult. The final nail in the coffin was when Robert V used our name. We decided that ‘This was it’. We need to come out in the open and protest this act of atrocity against us!”

AINA head also plans to meet PM Modi and would request him to create a separate word in the dictionary for such class of people.

He has further plans to sue Robert V and threatened to get all his land auctioned unless he issues an unconditional apology to all the living nuts (pun intended) in this world. He would also request him not to wear Pink Pants in public as it assaults the senses of the Aam Junta and further encourages the usage of the term ‘Nuts’ for him.

Last heard, Mr Robert V couldn’t be reached for comments as his health has deteriorated and doctors have advised him to have some nuts!

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