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All Congress leaders have Mother India in their heart, Modi should give ticket to them: Salman Khurshid

21, Jan 2014 By diggyleaks

In what can be called an unexpectedly surprising reaction to BJP Prime Ministerial Candidate Narendra Modi’s statement that his party gives ticket to only those who have Bharat Mata in their hearts, Union Minister of External Affairs Salman Khurshid has sought BJP, yes, BJP tickets for all the Congress members saying they all have Mother India in their hearts.

Mother India
Mother India.

“Sonia Ji is Mother India, & we all Congress members have her in our hearts. I can even give my life for her. Can Modi and his party give Lok Sabha tickets to all of us, regardless of the limited number of seats to be contested?” clarified Mr Khurshid while launching an attack on the Gujarat Chief Minister.

“Modi is a proverbial frog. Just like Dehati Aurat he also doesn’t like Vilayati aurat and that is why he is fighting with Soniaji led Congress,” he added.

Khurshid also challenged Modi to either fulfil his promise or stop ‘dreaming’ to become the PM. “Ask any Congress member and he or she will say she has Mother India Sonia ji in heart. So, If Modi fails to give ticket to a single party member he should stop dreaming to become PM,” the Minister roared before leaving.

To confirm Salman Khurshid’s claim, Faking News approached many Congress leaders and found they agreed with him. “Tear my chest and you will find Sonia Gandhi inside!” avered Pramod Tiwari, further adding that she can’t leave Rahul ji alone there.

Another senior party leader also confirmed on the condition of anonymity that he always had the ‘motherly figure’ of Sonia Gandhi in his heart, otherwise the Congress leadership would not have him in the party.

On being questioned Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh reacted in the same way he has done to all the scams in his regime- with a pin drop silence. So, Faking News has deemed his answer to be in affirmative going by the Hindu principle of मौनं सम्मति लक्षणं.

A second Congress leader requesting anonymity said that seeing the future of his party, leaders would be proud to have Smt Sonia Gandhi in their hearts if it makes them eligible for a BJP ticket, as even the Aam Admi Party’s candidate selection process is not so ‘absurdly’ simple.

“No one’s heart can function without Mother India Sonia ji’s picture in it. My NGO Zakir Hussain Memorial Trust has sought a government grant to transplant pacemakers in the hearts of those Indians who unfortunately do not have her in their hearts,” Salman Khurshid later revealed with a smile.