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All celebrity cases to be tried by Rajat Sharma's Aap Ki Adalat for speedier justice

10, May 2015 By burabandar

In a move that will go in the annals of Indian administration and judiciary as landmark, the government has passed a bill that outsources all celebrity cases to be tried by Rajat Sharma in Aap Ki Adalat. The move came minutes after Salman Khan’s sentence was suspended in a 12yr old hit & run case.

Salman was earlier acquitted in Aap Ki Adalat
Salman was earlier acquitted in Aap Ki Adalat

Law ministry issued the official statement, “The country’s judicial system is overburdened and it generally takes the 3rd generation of the family to hear the verdict. Since it is but a proven fact that a celebrity will either get a bail, suspended sentence or a parole, it makes no sense to drag on with the matter. Imagine the mental trauma Shri Salman Khan would have undergone for 12 torturous years when his case was still at the trial. Also, all the amount of money wasted in hiring lawyers, buying/threatening/disposing off witnesses. Add to it’s the sad state of Indian prisons – how do you think a celebrity like Salman Khan manage in a dimly lit dark cell. Mr. Rajat Sharma has a clean record of settling a case in one hearing to pleasure of the celebrity. In the wake of this, we have decided in the greater interest of the nation, that from now on all cases pertaining to a celebrity will be handled by his expert team.”

The move was a rare & unprecedented occasion when a bill was passed by the Parliament with a 100% majority. This was made possible with the extending the definition of ‘Celebrity’ as “Any artist with an A+ status in Bollywood or any bigger film industry, an elected lawmaker or his/her relatives (next to kin amended), prominent businessman, influential heads of organizations, etc.”

The bill also has a provision whereas ‘Celebrity status’ can be auctioned off to anyone with the monetary capabilities. This, according to an official is a justifiable move that will bring a lot of revenue to the government and since it has been characterized as nation building, will be tax exempt under Section 88D. To strengthen the provisions of the law so that it is not ‘misused’ all anti-national elements like, NGO’s have been exempt from making use of the provision.

Mr. Rajat Sharma was elated with the news, “This has been a long standing demand and will revolutionize the legal system in the country. When our Parliament has become a source of entertainment, why should the judiciary be left behind. In fact, we have already been flooded with over a 100 requests from celebrities for hearing the case and for a few of them, I’m already ready with the my non-guilty judgment.”