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Akhilesh Yadav to take back all free laptops to control riots

10, Sep 2013 By 0mar Abdullah

After an emergency meeting of core party members, Akhilesh Yadav has decided to take back all free laptops from people of Uttar Pradesh.

Time to get back home.
Time to get back home.

In reply to why was he taking such a bizarre step against the people of UP, Akhilesh said, “According to one survey conducted in UP, people are not utilizing their laptops for study purpose, instead they are using it for social media activities on Twitter and Facebook. UP riots are happening because of these social media activities.”

“They have freedom of writing any kind of post, and it creates rumor in the state. So Netaji and our party have decided to take all the free laptops back,” he added.

Our reporter further asked that  how you can he say that Social Media is responsible for UP Riots and not State/Central Government, to which Akhilesh said, “I am quite certain that this is all because of Social Media. Even marriages are happening through social media and so riot is definitely possible through it. “

“I am totally against the freedom of these websites. Such websites should be scrutinized or get totally banned. But when election will come, we may think of revoking all restrictions from social media and then we will again distribute the free laptops to the people of UP.”

“My biggest mistake was I went to abroad for higher studies; from there I got the idea of giving the laptops to people thinking that it would help them to compete the outside world. But that was a blunder, as people couldn’t utilize it as per my expectation,” he added.

“Consumption of Chowmein is behind the growing incidents of rapes in India and in the similar way riots are happening because of social media. I think English language is also somewhat responsible for riots and rapes,” another  SP leader told our reporter.