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Akhilesh to promote Riot Tourism in Uttar Pradesh

29, Jul 2014 By anubhav51

Lucknow. In a yet another initiative that could surprise many of us, the ineffective effective government in Uttar Pradesh has decided to promote Riot Tourism in the state.

In a press conference held at Lucknow, CM announced this new initiative.He congratulated  his ministers and officers for their hard work, which resulted in number of riots spread across the entire state since the SP government formation, thus providing best opportunities for riot tourism in the state.

Akhilesh Yadav
“We are better than Taliban”

Faking News learnt from its sources that some of the UP communal cabinet ministers will be leaving for Iraq and Sudan for learning better practices, so that same can be implemented during riots, planned in next few months.

Answering to the issue about power crises, the CM said, “This will  help us in saving a lot of electricity, as the riots will be followed by curfew and bandhs, thus saving a lot of electricity, which can be supplied to areas where SP has won  with wide gap between supply and demand.”

About the security of tourists, he said all tourists  visiting Uttar Pradesh, will be supplied with illegal arms, thus maintaining high security and active participation, during riots, all the riots will be carried out under UP police supervision, which will react quickly once the situation goes completely out of hand.

Asked if centre opposes this initiative, CM said, “BJP is a communal party, instigating riots for their own benefit, while we are doing this for betterment of Uttar Pradesh and promoting tourism, creating thousands of job opportunities for the unemployed youth of Uttar Pradesh.”

CM also announced the tag line for riot tourism, ‘Achey dange hone wale hain‘.