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Ajit Pawar declares he is the best person to become water resource minister

20, Apr 2014 By Gaurav Mittal

Ajit Pawar the nephew of Sharad Pawar, has openly declared that he is the best person in the country to become Water resource minister.

He has made this claim in the explanation given to election commission (EC) over his threatening remark to deny water to a village in Baramati if people there vote against his sister and NCP candidate Supriya Sule.

Ajit Pawar
Best man for the job

In his letter to EC he said, “I believe I am the best candidate to become water resource minister in next government and my statement is in line with that. I have done no wrong. This is the right way to manage water resources and govern people in this country. We have been doing so for 10 years at center and 15 years at Maharashtra and had it been wrong, people would have voted us out.”

He writes, “The very fact that people vote for me and my party again and again and calls me ‘Dada’ affectionately proves beyond doubt that I am a very good politician.”

Ajit Pawar further writes, “I know in India people have a short memory and we take full advantage of it so I would like to remind everyone that some time back I had suggested the innovative idea of urinating in dams when there is less rain. We should learn to admire innovative ideas.”

He concluded his letter by mentioning that Aaj Blue Hai Paani Paani Paani from Yo Yo Honey Singh is his favorite song. He listens to it every morning and before going to bed.

In India basic necessities such as water are still the issues over which elections are contested. Recently Arvind Kejriwal also won the Delhi elections on the promise of free water in Delhi. Going by the trends it is likely that Indian people will vote according to the wishes of their loving “Dada”.