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Air India to offer Frequent Flyer status to NaMo

13, May 2015 By arniewrites

Given the huge amount of travel miles collected by the Prime Minister since he took office, this was hugely expected by NaMo and Air India fans alike.

Bhutan, Brazil, Nepal, Japan, US, Myanmar, Australia, Fiji and now China have been touched down by the Prime Minister. And everywhere he went, he took the nation’s only beloved airline, Air India. So finally Air India has decided to give NaMo a frequent flyer card. This card would allow Modi to travel anywhere in the world using tax payer’s (read – other Air India customer)’s money even if he is not on a prime ministerial trip. NaMo was visibly happy with the status conferred to him and tweeted :

“You are a shining beacon of great service & compassion, @Air India. I’m so glad that @flyKingFisher is out of business. Otherwise I would never have tried you.”: Tweets Modi

“You are a shining beacon of great service & compassion, @Air India. I’m so glad that @flyKingFisher is out of business. Otherwise I would never have tried you.”

BJP headquarters in every state (and in all the 9 countries NaMo has visited) bustled with BJPians sharing a laddoo or two with each other. In the US, people even said that this historic event can only be compared to the Neil Armstrong landing on the moon. Again, the whole Madison Square Garden was filled with American Indians, most of  who swear they would have not left the country if NaMo had been PM before.

Congress leaders started hinting that this is a ploy to make Air India more likable to the general population. Rahul Gandhi tweeted : “Suit Boot ki sarkar is trying to manipulate the people by using Saree-Salwar ki Air Planes”

Whatever comes of all this politically, one thing is for sure – NaMo is obsessed with flying and RaGa is obsessed with fashion.