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AIIMS Delhi declared Kejriwal immortal

16, Apr 2017 By Sanchit Jain

AIIMS Delhi has declared Mr. K immortal after Mr. K was shot in head 3 times but still alive and healthy.

Arvind Kejriwal- the Yug Purush's blessing for every AAP supporter
Arvind Kejriwal- the Yug Purush’s blessing for every AAP supporter

When our reporter asked what made Mr K immortal, Dr. Bawla Prasad told that like in Vedic times people used to chant OM to gain powers and immortality, looks like Mr. K has received these powers by chanting Modi all day.

When we questions about the bullets which were in shot in Mr K head, were doctors able to retrieve them, Dr Bawla, told us, that they tried to the X-Ray brain of Mr K but there already so much junk and garbage there, that they couldn’t locate the bullets. Though the Doctor didn’t failed to mention that he thought there were keys lying around in Mr. K brain which possibly belong to Mr M tijori(safe).

ChaploosAAparty member Mr. Andha Azad told us that after Mr. K had become immortal, he would stand in next elections for US president, when we asked from which side, whether liberal or republic, he told he would create a third front with Didi and will call it AAModiDal.