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AIB invites Digvijay Singh & Sakshi Maharaj to compete for "Bakchod Baadshah" title

07, May 2015 By Beer & Biryani

New Delhi: Noted comedy group All India Bakkchod has reportedly invited the Congress party senior Digvijay Singh and BJP’s member of parliament Sakshi Maharaj for this year’s Bakchod Baadshah title.

We were able to catch-up with the organizer cum founder Toonmay Bhatt who gave us more details about this showdown.

“Get ready for the showdown but don’t forget your Hajmola.”
“Get ready for the showdown but don’t forget your Hajmola.”

“Like every year, we were on the dot for conducting this year’s Kaun Banega Bakchod Baadshah fest and were inviting people from across the country to compete and go home with the title. After so many auditions, we were only able to pick a handful of participants with average competence. Verbal diarrhea has been a mandatory parameter for a candidate’s selection and looks like they do not possess that uncanny knack which can make them a champion.”

“After a thorough discussion, we decided to invite the uncrowned heroes of today’s bakchodi – Diggy and Sakshi. You can call this a wild card entry but it is something both deserve. The competition will have multiple rounds and getting wackier with each round will score you points. Points will depend on crowd’s laughter coefficient i.e., the amount of time for which the crowd would laugh continuously before waiting for the next joke. We have also taken all the measures to prevent the eminent N2O breathing laughter lady Archana Puran Singh from stage bombing the show or appearing anywhere near the premises of the stage. Hopefully, this show would be a hit with the young and the old.”

Sources say that a huge crowd is expected, beating even the one that attended NaMo’s speech in Bihar. If the numbers exceed the anticipated count, holographic 3D screens are being planned at major centers so that people can enjoy it without being dejected.