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AIADMK MP apprehensive after stating the time of day on TV

20, May 2014 By ballkey

Long standing AIADMK MP Dr.Maitreyan created drama of sorts on national television today. Appearing on an election discussion in the Indian government’s national channel NDTV, he responded to a quick aside from one of the anchors on what the time was.

Horrified at his own indiscretion of independent thinking and publicly visible statement, he immediately cowered down before the camera. Recovering from that mishap, Dr.Maitreyan immediately asserted it was due to the Puratchi Thalaivi Dr. Amma Madam Chief Minister whose golden rule over the southern territories radiated wisdom and knowledge far and widespread, that had empowered him to interpret the time of day.

Dr.Maitreyan also added that laptop computers provided as part of Madam Chief Minister’s generous schemes had enabled the tamil population to be able to lookup time quickly, whereas people were reduced to using sundials and black magic during the era of fascist and corrupt DMK.

No response had been available from Madam Chief Minister’s office yet, as the CM was yet to return from her estate. A routine communique from the CM’s office only mentioned the names of the two state ministers fired that week. A plumber from the State Secretariat building and the office boy from Tughlaq magazine have been sworn in as their replacements.