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After VHP's Ghar Wapsi Congress started Secular Wapsi program

07, Apr 2015 By kishor

New Delhi: After communal Modi govt. came to power in May 2014, Congress and other secular parties like SP, BSP, NCP, TMC in India were outraged over recent Ghar Waspi program of the VHP. Being upset with these activities Congress have decided to do secular wapsi program lead by congress MP, Hussain Ram Rahim Singh.

Hussain while speaking to Faking news told that BJP is breaking the social fabric of our nation by doing communal activities sponsored by the VHP, RSS and Bajrang Dal. They are new form of Hindu terrorism. This is the high time now where we must unite and fight against these powers. Hussain said in our program of secular waapsi, “we will gather more than 2000 paid people from a Baba’s Aashram and move into a temple of Shiva-Parvati and Ganesha, located in South Delhi. And then we will replace the idols of Ganesha, Parvati and Shankar Bhagwaan with Rahul, Sonia and Rajiv. Proper visarjana (immersion) of the old idols will be done in Varanasi’s Assi ghat which is being claimed being cleaned by Modi. All the immersion will happen as per hindu rituals where pastor imam will also be present.”

Mani Shankar Iyer commenting upon he event
Mani Shankar Aiyer commenting upon the event

He continues with the agenda, “Once the immersion is done, there is possibility that lot of angry Hindu terrorists gather at the temple venue including all major BJP leaders. Now with this huge much non-paid crowd we will have Delhi’s secular CM AK (who has an experience of handling this much angry crowd), to address the crowd. Congress leader  A.K. Antony is preparing speech for AK. In face, the idea of speech preparation by A. K. Antony had originated from the supreme leader Rahul, since A.K. writing for A.K. brings social harmony & great example of the secularism.”

One of the great Pundits from Varanasi is said to be called upon for the establishment of the idols of Rajiv, Sonia and Rahul. Congress have also planned for Bhagwat Geeta recitation to control the angry and violent crowd, full of saffron terrorists.

Manishankar Aiyer was seen very happy for all the this arrangement and claimed that after this successful event , many more events like this will be planned across the temples in remaining Congress ruled states as there is a fear of Bajrang Dal going violent in communal BJP ruled states. Meanwhile Digvijay singh twitted that he would love to see Rahul Gandhi’s presence for this holy event when he returns.