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After trying a nine month old baby for murder, Pakistan advises India to jail Rahul Gandhi’s babies as well

14, Apr 2014 By Vaibhav Anand

After a Pakistani toddler was charged with attempted murder in Lahore leading to widespread ridicule, Pakistan has shrugged international ridicule aside and instead, advised other countries to follow their “baby jailing” model as well.

The baby in question, called Musa Khan, was photographed crying while being fingerprinted — and he then had to be comforted with a bottle of milk. Musa Khan, along with his father and grandfather, was accused of being part of a group of slum residents who threw stones at gas company workers as they tried to disconnect gas service from homes where the owners had not paid their bills.

“This are the steps in the best directions,” a spokesperson for the Pakistani government said, defending the move. “We are jailings the babies itself before it are growing into terrorists or Al Qaeda. We is advising the other countries to follows this model as well. Isse pehle kee bachha panautee ban jaaye, use pehle hee jail mein daal do.”

“In facts, had India puts Rahul Gandhi in jail at birth only, there would been no problems now for Congress parties,” the spokesperson continued. “India should follows this for Rahul’s babies, to nipping this problems in the buds.”