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After the success of Love-Jihad, now its the turn of Petrol Jihad

02, Sep 2014 By norm4n

After successfully promoting Love-Jihad in India, Saudi Arabia is now reported to launching Petrol Jihad in the country. This was evident with the recent drop in Petrol rates throughout India.

After the news broke out in the Arabian news channels, our Middle-east correspondent Musafir Khan interviewed the Saudi Minister of state Prince Abdul-Ali-Barkat-Ali-Al-Samunchi, the 15th son by the 10th wife of the Saudi King, who vehemently denied the allegations and in-turn blamed Indian government of allegedly sponsoring illegal immigration of Keralites in the Arabian Kingdom and sabotaging the Arabian Culture by popularizing Idli-Dosa there. He cited the sudden rise in south Indian Coffee houses in Riyadh and Saudi teenagers leaving Camel and Cow meat for dishes like Dosa, Uttapam etc.

Meanwhile in India, the Hard-line Indian party BQP (Bhartiya Qutiya Party) claimed that Pakistan’s ISI and Saudi Arabia sponsored Islamic agents in India are slowly spreading the Petrol Jihad in Major Indian cities and smaller towns.

BQP’s firebrand MP Anup-yogi Tattenath claimed, “We have been telling this for long. Trend in Petrol Prices in nation show that Jihadi elements are slowly luring the Indian masses by selling cheap petrol mixed with Kerosene.” He blamed the previous Congress government and Non-BQP governments for subsidizing Petrol and Kerosene and acting hand-in-gloves with the terrorists by offering petrol in the country at half the price per barrel in the International Market.

Going a step further the firebrand leader added, “Our party has recently conducted survey and found out how this network of Petrol Jihad operates. Young good looking Muslim boys are hand-picked and are placed at keys points in a city called Petrol Pumps and are told to be friendly with the vehicle owners. They use the code word “Kitne ka Daalu?” When the innocent vehicle owner hears this, he quickly takes out the currency note and pleads “ Bhai, 100 ka daal de!” There have been reports that these rogue elements are selling petrol even at Rs. 10-20, to driving addicted Indian masses.”

Another Senior Member of the BQP party told Faking News, “We are not blaming any particular Community but the way the Petrol Jihad in the country is very disturbing. You can easily spot the Jihadi agents in the country. They wear same type of uniforms and caps with Company Logo and are mostly found over the Petrol Pumps.” He further added, “Greater use of Petrol will cause pollution and global warming, and cheaper petrol will tempt young Indian boys to take longer bike rides with their Girlfriends. This is an all-out terrorist attempt to wage war against India.”

“The way Hindu community is being made hopelessly dependent on Petrol and Diesel, I don’t think we should accept it. Our well qualified Ayurvedic scientists have already resumed the abandoned experiment of the esteemed scientist Shri. Ramar Pillai, which was sabotaged in 1996 by the very corrupt and secular Congress government of that time,” Tattenath later added.

Till the experiment succeeds, the BQP party has launched nationwide movement against Petrol Jihad by deploying Bullock carts, Donkey carts and pony rides at very cheap rates in major Indian cites and towns.