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After Telangana, Rahul Gandhi announces division of Congress into 29 different parties

07, Aug 2013 By nandakumar

Hailed as a great Game Changer in Indian polity, Rahul Gandhi today announced the revival plan for the Indian National Congress.

Enthused by the successful division of Andhra Pradesh and encouraged by the vociferous demand for similar action in other States, the clown Prince said that the INC will be bifurcated into 29 separate parties. The brand name ‘Congress’ will be a common feature for all these 29 parties adding that this was vital for survival and growth. He named the NCP and TMC as shining examples for having incorporated the ‘Congress’ br

Rahul Gandhi
The extraordinaire brain behind such a genius thought.

and name.

He said that the NCP has outgrown the INC in the number of scams and in the Hygiene and Sanitation sector the NCP is No.1, having provided large urinals for the common people in the catchment areas of all irrigation dams.

In the field of Education, he hailed the TMC for excelling the INC. He said that the TMC within a short span of two years has successfully educated everyone that the Leftists are responsible for all the problems in W.Bengal, whereas the INC even after 60 years is struggling hard to blame the NDA for all the National misery.

Carrying on further, he said that when it comes to Mortality rate, parties with Congress name fare better than parties without Congress name. He cited the Justice party, Swatantra Party and Jan Sangh, which perished when young, as examples. He also cited the examples of CPI(M), Shiv Sena, AGP etc, as having stunted growth due to mal nourishment.

He listed the names of the Congress parties for various states— Telengana Congress, Seemandhra Congress, Bodo Congress etc. In Tamil Nadu it will be called Tamil Dravida Munnetra Congress (TDMC).

Dr.Subramanin Swamy immediately reacted to the ‘Buddhu’ statement saying that ‘Janata’ also is a successful brand name and a much older strategy.

He cited the RJD,BJD,KJP, JDU,JDS and the grand old BJP as shining examples of ‘Janata ‘ brand.

The SP and BSP strongly contested the statements of RaGa and Swamy. They said that both the brands are failures in many parts of India and particularly in UP.

As expected, Karunanidhi wrote to his Thambis not to forget the ‘Kazhagam’ brand and pointed how successful it has been in the case of DMK, AIADMK, DMDK,DK etc. He added that the attempts to force the ‘Congress’ and ‘Janata’ brands is a conspiracy hatched by Hindi speaking fanatics and upper caste Brahmins. He called for eternal vigil and said that he will not permit this to succeed as long as he lived for the next 100 years. He also wrote a letter to Annai ‘Soniaji’, advising her to name the Tamil Nadu unit  as Tamil Dravida Congress Munnetra Kazhagam or TDCMK.’

Dr.Swamy immediately tweeted that it should be named as Tamil Dravida Kazhagam or TDK !!