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After successful bilateral talks, Narendra Modi and Nawaz Sharif to collaborate and release a rap album

13, Jul 2015 By deadisalive

After a fruitful meeting at the BRICS summit in Russia, Narendra Modi and Nawaz Sharif have decided to take their newly found partisanship to another level by creating a rap album together.

Sources say that in while discussing international political matters both leaders would evade each others questions by talking about weather, music or some other generic stuff so as to avoid the awkward silences.

However while talking about music; both the leaders realized that they were big fans of hip hop acts like Public Enemy, NWA and Eminem.

Soon Nawaz started beat boxing, while Modi added to the energy by performing freestyle rap. Nawaz immediately told Modi about his childhood dream to record a rap album. To everybody’s surprise Modi replied, “Yo homie bhai!! I love rap music too. Wanna collab?”

The album is titled “Boys of Ahmedabad and Lahore”, and will contain 12 songs. As per sources, the music will have a lot of subcontinental influences.

Mr. Modi tweeted “Happy to collab with my homie Nawaz. We about to drop some sick beats. #represent #peace“. Also Nawaz Sharif has confirmed the development and asked everybody to buy the album and help him realize his childhood dream.

Meanwhile, former Afghanistan supremo Hamid Karzai, an ardent rap music enthusiast himself, is rumored to feature in one of the tracks in the album.

As of now, both are in a recording studio in London working on the album. Get ready because “Boys of Ahmedabad and Lahore” is coming soon.