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After success of RTI, Kerala government to launch Right To Strike (RTS) act

19, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

After the success of Right To Information (RTI) act, government of Kerala will soon be launching Right To Strike (RTS) act. After this act comes into effect, any person will be able to call a strike in Kerala from anywhere around the globe. Through the RTS website, a person can book a strike in advance without specifying any cause for the strike. In case of emergency, RTS allows people to book a strike on tatkal basis.

As the RTS website is designed by the IRCTC website developers, only one booking can be made from an IP address per day to reduce multiple requests. The developers claim this website will work much faster than the IRCTC website since it is hosted on latest updated version of Windows 98. The development of this website started in 2009 when the UDF government came into power and the expense of this website has been a whopping 8 crore so far. After adding the submit buttons to the create strike form, the developers are expecting the cost to go up to 12 crore.

The RTS website will be inaugurated by the opposition party leader of Kerala on January 1st by booking a strike on January 2nd.

“When our leader underwent constipation in the last month, we were not able to declare a strike. When RTS comes into force, we will be able to declare strikes anytime, anywhere.” said one of the opposition party senior member.

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