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After Sine Wave and Cos Wave, Modi Wave added to Trigonometry syllabus in Gujarat schools

17, Sep 2014 By geesundar

In a dramatic move, following the recent by-elections, the Government of Gujarat has added a topic on Modi Wave in the Trigonometry Syllabus in their school curriculum from Class 9 onwards.

The Modi wave which has swept the country, was described in these Books by a graph which is exponentially increasing from the starting point. The starting point was mentioned as the date of Birth of Shri. Narendra Modi, clearly showing that this wave has been unstoppable since his birth.

Says an official from the Gujarat Education Department,” It was important to simplify the exponential series for the students and what better way than to use the Modi Wave to depict this series. The students can now clearly understand any graph which starts from zero and tends to infinity”

The wave also had symbol T mentioned, in the initial portion of the graph, symbolising the period Shri. Narendra Modi served as tea supplier.

The Uttar Pradesh Government was quick to respond to this change, by incorporating Modi wave as an exponentially receding graph in the Trigonometry syllabus in the UP school curriculum. The starting point of the wave was mentioned as the date of the SP government taking over in UP, clearly showing how the wave was receding ever since the SP government came to power in UP.

The Congress ruled states of Haryana, Kerala and Maharashtra had earlier added Modi wave to the natural calamities chapter in the Geography books of their respective school curriculums, alongside tsunami and earthquakes.

Clearly Modi Wave has swept through the school books across the country.