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After Shwetha Menon withdrew complaint, Congress urges BJP to withdraw complaint against Rahul Gandhi

04, Nov 2013 By राजदीप सरदर्द दे साई

After Shwetha Menon decided to withdraw complaint against Congress MP Peethamabara Kurup, a visibly happy Congress party urged Bhartiya Janata Party to withdraw its complaint to EC against Rahul Gandhi.

Please, forgive me.

Rahul Gandhi has sought one week’s time to respond to the Election Commission notice on his speeches. Congress party has said that they will use this time to negotiate with Bhartiya Janata party to withdraw their complaint.

“BJP should learn from Shwetha Menon how to forgive after being rubbed in wrong way. Shwethaji decided to forgive a seventy five year old, still BJP cannot let go a 44 years old young person. This is certainly intolerant and fascist behavior. See even in my case , my party forgave me in no time.” Said Mr. Abhishek Manu Singhvi to Faking News.

“Rahulji has done nothing wrong intentionally. Rahulji speech was exchanged with Digvijay Singh’s press release by mistake. Had the ISI remark and other comments come from Digvijay Singh, no one would have taken them seriously anyway. It was an honest mistake and BJP should withdraw its complaint. If Shwetha can forgive an intentional slip of hand, BJP should be benevolent enough to ignore unintentional slip of tongue”, Added Mr. Singhvi explaining his party’s standpoint.

When asked how much the talks have succeeded with BJP, Mr. Singhvi said that Congress party has received few demands from BJP. “We have learnt that BJP MLAs from Karnataka have demanded to see the full clip of Shwetha Menon and Mr. Kurup. Also some MPs are asking for full version of my CD which they want to watch during assembly session leisure time.”

Other esteemed congress leaders like N D Tiwari and Mahipal Maderna have also emphasized on need of more forgiving and liberal political environment. “Politicians have life beyond talking about secularism and making speeches. They are entitled to enjoy their life.” said Salman Khursheed supporting the demand of Mr. Tiwari and Maderna.