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After selling dharna tickets, AAP plans to sell merchandise

06, Feb 2014 By bwoyblunder

AAP has come up with a unique idea of selling its dharna tickets to the public via an eportal. The pricing of the tickets has been made staggered to allow Aam Aadmi of all sections of the society to participate in this Dharna.

seat arrangement
Seating arrangement

As illustrated above, the seats marked Red are the costliest, which are to the Left of the venue (in accordance with Leftist policies) and closest to the stage, to get a good view of Shree Arvind ji. There are One-day tickets, One week tickets and Season Tickets, which give entry to all Dharnas irrespective of topic of Dharna.

Caps will be of two types, A: Printed with “Main Hoon AAM AADMI” and B: Handwritten by Shree Arvindji “Main Hoon AAM AADMI”. First 50 protestors will get Personally autographed caps.

Mufflers will be sourced partly from Delhi suppliers and partly from Kejriwal’s personal wardrobe. The personally used mufflers will be sold at a premium.

Kumar Vishwas poetry books will be sold at massive discounts. If any Delhiite feels there is some undesirable activity in any part of town, he can file a “Request for Raid” at the special counter. No proofs will be asked only requester has to arrange for a camera and a mob.

After its donations dried up, AAP is hoping to raise some funds by this unique method.