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After self-congratulatory ad, AAP plans bhajans, jagratas, and a movie like MSG to praise Kejriwal

27, Jun 2015 By chakraview

After the much debated and visited self-congratulatory advertisement on TV and social media, showing a middle class house wife going all guns out praising ‘Arvind’, AAP has decided to go with the next level of promotions – bhajans, jagratas and even a movie like MSG.

Sources inside the party on condition of anonymity have revealed that the leading song writers of the country has been roped in to write lyrics praising their supreme leader Arvind Kejriwal.

The 'Kejriwal ad' that was funded by Delhi's tax payer
The ‘Kejriwal ad’ that was funded by Delhi’s tax payers

Since the messages in the bhajans are meant for the young generations, the tune of some of the most famous Bollywood numbers will be used so that the songs immediately strike the chord.

These bhajans will be sung in jagratas (night-outs) to be arranged in coming days throughout the capital. However, some of the party MLAs are not in favor of the idea of jagratas as  mass gathering of AAP supporters may be misconstrued as ‘dharna’ by media and opposition parties.

The most widely accepted idea is to produce a movie like MSG where ‘Arvind’ is portrayed to single-handedly kick all the corrupt people. His prime weapon will be his muffler. The moment he puts it on, will induce godly powers in him and then all hell turns loose on the evil people.

Famous story writers have been approached to jot down the story. The songs, story and the screen plays will be supervised by party’s own Kumar Viswas.