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After seeing Modi abroad only, youth leader files an RTI to know whether PM’s post is a field job or a desk job

27, May 2015 By anuj

Delhi: A youth leader named Rahul Kejriwal of ABCD party who aspires to be Prime Minister one day files an RTI to know whether the PM’s post is a desk job or a field job since Mr. Modi has been in field most of the times in last one year.

The RTI has reportedly stunned the Government officials, they have started calling various constitution experts, political science teachers and Arnab Goswami to give an answer to this inscrutable question.

Narendra Modi
PM Modi sitting on his desk before he decides to go in field again

“It has been my childhood dream to be the Prime Dictator sorry Prime Minister of the country but after seeing Mr. Modi all the time pitching and doing sales in field in various continents made me rethink about it. I am not really an outdoor guy like our 56 inched chest PM and I am like Man Mohan who liked sitting in Parliament on the same seat for hours without moving an inch.” Rahul Kejriwal told Faking News as he prepared another RTI for Delhi CM asking about whether the Delhi CM’s post requires Dharna skills and if the official residence of CM is Ram Lila Maidan or somewhere else.

When our Faking News reporter contacted one of the officials in PMO, he said, “Yes, we have received such an RTI asking about the job profile of the post of PM and I can only tell you that it is a desk job with a lot of field work but it has got its own perks, you get to travel on company’s expenses oh Government’s expenses and you get a vehicle, I mean a Chartered plane with full tank to do that.”

He further revealed, “PM Sahib is on his desk for a hours so you can contact him before he goes in field again to compete against the sales guys oh PM’s of other countries.”

According to our sources who filed an RTI to know how much time it takes to get the reply for an RTI, we will have to wait for 30 days to see the reply of the Government on this issue.