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After pressure from the BJP,Congress changes its party symbol from the hand to the middle finger

24, Aug 2013 By advancedexter

The malevolent astute members of Progress, sorry Congress have finally changed their party symbol to the middle finger.

After pressure extraordinaire  from the BJP-RSS-Bajrang Dal-Shiv Sena-MNS and Honey Singh and about 3400 protests from the common man’s side AND about 500 Parliament sessions and consuming 1213799.78 megawatts of electricity at 10-Janpath, Manmohan Theek-Haied the proposal to changing the party symbol from the Hand to the Middle Finger.

A panel of Abhishek Bachchan, Sonam Kapoor,  Asaram Bapu, Sanjay Dutt and Manish Malhotra was specially flown from their respective houses and respectfully treated at 10 Janpath. One minor problem happened due to which Sanjay Dutt was advised to go back. The Gardener at 10-Janpath hugged him. Period.

Our reporter visited the success party of the BJP where he conversed with BJP President Rajnath Singh who was ecstatic at the symbol change. He said “Finally the Congress are showing who they are and this all because of us”.

Our reported was offered orange and green sweets which he says were a mark of pseudo secularism. He also met gloating senior leaders of the BJP who were clinking their wine glasses to victory. If our drunk source is to be believed, few Congress leaders were spotted at the party who were told to have amicable relations with BJP leaders.

Lahul Dandhi was reported to have been asking everybody the meaning of the middle finger gesture. NaMo was seen slyly flipping off RaGa to which he mimicked the gesture. The flipping off game went on for about 45 minutes after which Mummy came and took Lahul away.

Sonia Gandhi was heard saying, “So much wastage of paper and ink. We need to now re-print all the pamphlets and banners. Can’t the BJP  think of the environment before taking such a disreputable step? Let me tell Vadra to recycle the forged fake documents. We will save a lot of paper that way”.

If statistics from the paper industry are to be believed, recycling Vadra’s documents will save about 15000 tonnes of fresh paper and preserve the piousness of the holy surroundings. It is believed that the very same paper factory is owned by Vadra.

Digvijay Singh commented, “The symbol actually is mocking BJP  that THEY make the general public dance on one finger. Ab kya bolu, RSS ka HAATH hai iske picheOongli pe nachaana is what he meant. Manmohan Singh told our reporter that it was time for the people to show that Congress has guts and that it accepts that it deserves the finger. He showed the finger to our reporter and cheekily said Theek Hai.

BREAKING NEWS- Congress leaders have taken to the streets and are now forcing the BJP to change their symbol to a Cactus, the Shiv Sena to change from a crossbow to a ‘stone and a BEST bus’, the MNS to change from a railway engine to a water-logged station and lastly Abhishek Bachchan to change his career.