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After PMO officials Manmohan Singh comes up with a new book blaming Prime Minister

15, Apr 2014 By HariHaravelan

Manmohan Singh
Attacking himself fiercely.

Delhi:  Another book has created political ripples, but this time the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh himself has come up with the book named “Will the PM answer?!”.

The book accuses incumbent Prime Minister for losing control over the Ministry and also questions Prime Minister’s silence on main issues.

Today Manmohan Singh has released the book at his official residence and told the press gathered here that the Prime minister should answer the serious questions raised by him in the book.

Everyone gathered were puzzled and one of the journalists managed to ask him that

“But sir you are the Prime Minister?”

Monmohan Singh answered fiercely that, “I’ve raised these questions to Mr. Prime Minister as a responsible citizen, Prime Minister is answerable to citizens”.

When press people tried to ask him further questions, Manmohan Singh terminated the interview by saying “Theek hai” and left.

This recent move by the Prime Minister has confused the citizens all over the nation.

Congress party has approached Election Commission for banning the book,

Election Commission sends a notice back to the Congress party asking about their PM’s stand on banning the book.

When Ravi Shankar Prasad of the BJP being asked about the controversy. He told “The Prime Minister has lost credibility. Questions raised are of genuine concern” and after thinking for a moment and muttered “Err…but again the Prime Minister himself has written the book.”

Finally he has managed to say, ”Whatever Prime minster should come clean or resign”.

Dig vijaya Singh of the Congress told “The Book sponsored by Modi still the PM’s Credentials are impeccable”.

AAP Spokesperson told Media that “This Awkward situation could have been prevented by Internal Lokpal, PMO is paying the price of not having internal Lokpal” and he continually told that “Kejriwal Ji will defeat Modi at Varanasi”