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After PM Narendra Modi, various other politicians launch their own mobile apps

18, Jun 2015 By Anil Sharma

PM Narendra launched his own app today to stay connected with the people of the nation. Following the superior few other politicians also launched their own apps. Here is how they can be used:

Modi app
Not the only app in the market

(1). Arun Jaitley App: Will “charge” your phone.

(2). RaGa App: Find out what your surname actually means?

(3). Arvind Kejriwal App: Well, just in case, if you haven’t been watching news.

(4). Sushma Swaraj App: Now, travel without hassle.

(5). Lalit Modi App: Wanna make friends outside Facebook?

(6). Jitendra Singh Tomar App: Having trouble studying? Why not just print your degrees out. Choose here….

(7). Baba Ram Rahim App: Look even Maggie has MSG.

(8). Kumar Vishwas App: Koi diwana kehta hai koi pagal samjhta hai. If you haven’t had enough of this already.

(9). Mufti Sayeed App: Install this app and get talktime worth Rs.10/- on your phone after 25 years.

(10). AAP App: Blame BJP if it crashes.

(11). Lalu Prasad Yadav: Connect with people. People you don’t like.

(12). Narendra Modi on foreign trip App: Enhance your selfies with one click.

(13). Pervez Musharraf App: Learn to talk stupid without having alcohol.

(14). Abdul Kalam App: Wonderful quotes. Things that I never said.