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After onions, broom prices shoot up in Delhi

04, Dec 2013 By iamgreat

New Delhi: As the D-Day is approaching, every party is gearing up and playing every trick available in the book. The Aam Adami Party, which is contesting for the first time, has gone over board and adopted some new innovative methods to increase their vote bank.

After recent allegations by Anna, party’s image has tarnished badly. Faking News investigated Anna’s accusations and tried to find out what exactly happened to the all the money which was collected during Jantar Mantar fast.

Arvind Kejriwall

In a shocking sting Faking News has found that AAP has ordered over a million brooms to campaign their brand and party symbol. We have discovered all the bills as well. When questioned about this, Kumar Vishwas, the party spoke-person confirmed the act, “Koi sweeper kahta hai, koi naukar samjhata hai; magar safai ki asli kimat ek aam aadmi samjhta hai.” He continued, “as per EC rules we can not campaign any more. But we won’t let this enthusiasm among mass die. Thus, we have bought all these brooms. For next three days, we will go from street to street and clean them up like we have tried to clean corruption out of the system”, he explained. “We want people to feel how exactly there life would be, if and once we come in the charge”, he said, the statement which is little confusing at this time.

At the same time, BJP supporter were seen buying more black paint. Vijay Jolly, leader of BJP supporters, said, “I am gonna paint all the roads. Lets see if AAP people can clean that up.” He also cleared that he has got nothing against Shoma Chaudhary and that act had nothing to do with Tehlaka scandal whatsoever.

Raghu, the famous creator and judge of Roadies show who also has recently joined AAP, said that he is going to organize a mega task. He has invited entire Delhi youth. “Since we already have got so many brooms, I am going to draft a multiple missions where boys and girls have to do different task with those brooms. The task can be as random as playing quidditch with them, putting them into opponents ass pocket and as trivial as selling brooms to sweepers. I have called Rannvijay. We are expecting a huge participation.” Later he announced that winner would get a direct entry in Roadies XI.

On the other side, prices of broom sticks are as high as what prices of onions used to be. Sheila Dikshit was not available to comment on the current scenario. Sources confirmed that she was seen trying to get an audience for Rahul Gandhi’s next rally.