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After onion, “Jhadu” prices skyrocket in Delhi

12, Dec 2013 By falsifiedTruth

The recently concluded assembly elections in Delhi has been unprecedented in more than one way. The ruling party was still scratching its head over how onion prices fell dramatically the very next day after elections, when it was faced with yet another ‘bouncer’.

Rich people
Rich people

“We have got reports of a sudden spurt in jhadu(broom) prices from several parts of Delhi. This has led to panic buying and hoarding by ‘black marketers’.

An inquiry has been set up to look into the issue, and Jhadu Authority of India has been asked to import jhadus from China to meet the requirement,” said a senior party leader.

People rushing towards jhadu shops in their SUVs/sedans/2-whellers and making a beeline was a common sight. The narrow lanes of jhadu making slums were seen congested with media vans, and workers could be seen surrounded by media persons for interview.

According to initial reports, this sudden rise in demand was attributed to AAP’s win in several constituencies. Thousands of party workers were seen dancing on streets with brooms in their hand. Some even sustained eye injuries in the process.

But the latest report from the field has baffled everyone. Bhanda-Fod news, a national news channel, ran a sting operation to get to the root of the issue.

“What we found was hilarious. Our reporters were literally ROFL-ing,” said the channel’s editor in chief. Since a re-election is almost imminent, parties have embarked on a campaign to remove all brooms from market. This, they think, will hit on the very identity of AAP when it won’t have access to its election symbol in the next round of campaigns. AAP leaders posing with jhadus on their shoulders was a common sight in their rallies.

On being asked for his comment on the recent development, AAP’s spokesperson said, ”Our candidates, who have lost, will be going on an indefinite hunger strike demanding the return of hoarded brooms. The hunger strike, AAP thinks, will also make them spiritually stronger for the next election.” Party is also considering the option of fielding sweepers in the re-election since they already have brooms.

AAP’s phenomenal performance might be a success story, but, for now, its success has added to the woes of Aam Admi(common man). With such innovative election strategies being adopted by political parties, it would not be wrong to say that India is a truly vibrant democracy.