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After one year of Modi's rule, Five people from different corners of India asks "Where is Achche Din?"

18, May 2015 By manithan

Five people from different corners of India sent us e-mail asking “Where is Achche Din?”. Listed below are the mail excerpts, condensed for easy reading.

1. From Ramanathan, Chennai: “I’m 25 years old now. Last year, I was 24 years old. I am in the same position as I was last year. I did not have any savings. I did not get promotion. I am still seeing that girl from my office and she is still roaming with her boyfriend. My boss is still torturing me. I want to ask Modi, where is Achche Din he promised? There is no change in my life. Why did I vote for him then? It was a big mistake.”

2. From Mary, Bengaluru: “I’m writing this with a big burden on my heart. For the past one year, there had been fear in spreading gospel. We are being terrorized not to convert poor souls. Our Chapel’s Oxygen, which comes from NGOs, are being cut now. How can the poor pagans of India uplift their soul and feel the Lord in them if Modi runs his terror rule for the past one year? Also, there were recent attacks on Churches across India. Thanks to media and activists, we felt more pity pouring our way. If not for the Satanic police, we would have got more sympathy. But, that is also gone now. There is never an Achche Din for Christians in India. “

 Modi's reaction after getting a flurry of letters from across India, asking for Achche Din
Modi’s reaction after getting a flurry of letters from across India, asking for Achche Din

3. From Ajaz, Kolkata: “To start with, I’m an Bangladeshi immigrant. In the words of bigoted Sanghis, I’m an illegal immigrant. My grandfather used to say that the world is common to all people. So why can’t I come to India or go to any other countries like India? For the past one year, Christians have become Indian media’s favorite kid. They are no longer catering to our sensibilities and this has offended me. Modi is trumpeting with his 56 inch chest that there are no riots in India. He is wrong. Last week, few communals were killed in Nadia riots. Did I say riots? They aren’t riots, just minor slaughtering of Kafirs. Never mind. There is only Achche Deen, no Achche Din.

4. From Ankit, Delhi: “His Royal Highness of Delhi Sultanate, Kejriwal, reclaimed the throne after chasing away the vile Hindus from our Empire. HRH has been effective in weeding out plants of Sangh within our Royal Party. There can be Achche Din in Delhi and its city India, only because of HRH. But HRH needs tributes from smaller cities like India and its tiny emperors, so that HRH can administer the whole of Delhi empire with effectiveness. I’m not going to ask ‘Where is Achche Din’, I’m going to say ‘Here is Achche Din, Praise be to HRH'”

5. From Sunitha, Mumbai: “Past one year had been the year of bans. First, beef was banned. It robbed the poor minorities of their staple foods. Then, people who were eating cats and dogs were let free. How dare can one kill an innocent dog for its meat? They are monsters. They need to be hanged to death. How can one kill a cat? Don’t these people know that animals also have emotions and pains? Monsters! Coming back to beef ban, why does it hurt the govt when an animal is killed? Where is Achche Din for non vegetarians here? There is no Achche Din. Achche Din happens when you give people the right to eat whatever they want.”