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After NEET it is NEEPA, Narendera Modi ineligible to contest for Prime Minister's post as has not visited USA even once

24, Jul 2013 By bkmrao

It is National entrance and eligibility exam for Prime ministerial Aspirants, it was announced at a crowded press conference this morning by the HRD Ministry, that it has decided to conduct this exam in the interest of the Nation.

It will be mandatory for all those who aspire to be the country’s Prime Minister to pass this exam. No one can become the Prime Minister of the country without having the NEEPA qualified ID card specially made with pure gold in a foreign country.

The basic qualification for the said exam is nursery education and the candidates must have visited at least 10 foreign countries at the cost of either Union or State Govts.  A visit to USA is a must.

Reacting to the comments from the press reporters present that it is being introduced to make Mr.Narendra Modi ineligible to contest for the post of Prime Minister, because he has not Visited USA till now. The spokeswoman of the Ministry said it had no intention of eliminating Mr. Modiji or anyone else and that he / they can visit USA before the final notification for NEEPA is announced.

Continuing, the spokeswoman said that NEEPA is being introduced to eliminate ineligible or unknown people coming to power in case the party in power loses the Vote of Confidence and the aaya rams &  gaya rams unite to bring to power some one who is not capable to run the country.

She also said that other details are being worked out to make it fool-proof, so that it does not meet the fate of  NEET. The ministry will issue a notification after this.

Faking news in its analysis of this move says that NEEPA gives the maximum benefit to the Congress Party. It serves the interest of the Congress party in two ways. The First one of course is that it keeps out Mr.Narendra Modi from the race. Secondly it will know who will be the one in the congress party who is aspiring for the top post and can deny him and his supporters the party ticket. This step will not only eliminate the entire dissidence in the party but clears the hurdles in Rahulji’s way in occupying the coveted post.