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After Modi’s extempore I-DAY speech, Manmohan pledges not to read his future speeches

16, Aug 2014 By Golden Tooth

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi  delivered a boisterous  Independence day speech that  struck a chord with the  media if not the Indian masses. But what singled out his speech  was that it was not a pre-scripted speech but an  elegant extempore.  Many top Indian politicians, now and even in the past, prefer to speak in public through pre-scripted speeches, irrespective of their educational background. Faking news team reached out to few top Indians politicians who prefer to read their speeches more often often than not.

Narendra Modi
Inspiring opposition?

Speaking to Faking news, former PM, Manmohan Singh said, “I think Modiji made a good speech.  To be honest, I know my last year’s speech was a tad boring compared to Modiji’s speech. But let me tell you one thing, even I can make a good extempore speech.  My speeches would at least make more sense than Rahulji’s..err  other politician’s speeches. My only problem is whenever I speak with vigor like Modiji, my voice falls outside the audible  range [20 to 20000 hertz] of human beings. Nevertheless in future, you would see me making extempore speeches, more often than not.”

When we confronted Congress chairperson Sonia , she gave her trademark feline smile and went inside the headquarters only to return after some time. She said “desh ko speech nahi kaam chaaheye…I know you people think that it’s impossible for me to do that [impromptu speech]. But someday I will prove that impossible is not a fact, it’s an opinion” [Before she left a crushed paper inadvertently fell out of her hand. Though we weren’t amazed with the content, as it was something we had heard from her just a while ago.]

Faking news journalists, came across Digvijay Singh but chose to ignore him this time, considering the sanity of the topic.

BSP Supermo, Kumari Mayawati read her message out to us “Bhashan ka content achha hona zyada zaroori hai. Agar aap mulayam singh ji ki tarah bolein to uska kya fayda. Lekin mein aap logon ke suggestion par zaroor vichar karoongi .”

Many leaders across the political spectrum gave varied views on Modi’s Speech and  extempore speeches for politicians. But If sources are to be believed, many politicians do realize the importance of impromptu speeches, but are wary of ending up as Rahul Gandhi of politics if things go wrong.