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After Modi, even Rahul Gandhi fills the wife column in his nomination; names Digvijay as his wife

14, Apr 2014 By karanatree

Amethi. The Congress party yesterday was left red faced when news came out that their shehzada has fashioned himself a rajkumari without the knowledge of anybody within the party.

Rahul Digvijay
The happily married couple indulging in some private talk.

Mr Gandhi, on his nomination papers revealed himself to be a married man, and married to none other than fellow Congress MP and close confidante Mr Digvijay Singh. What’s more shocking is that they’ve been married for the past 3 years and no one ever got the wind of it.

However once the news leaked, everyone accepted without much doubt as it explains a lot of mysteries. Such as why the dashing Mr Gandhi never married and decided to stay single. Also why Mr Digvijay Singh always refers Mr Gandhi as ‘Rahul Gandhi Ji’, just a wife respecting her husband.

The BJP initially laughed their way to the courts with intentions of filing a case against the couple under section 377 of the Indian Penal Code. However Mr Modi, in his benevolence requested his party members to let the happy couple be.

The AAP however has planned a Dharna in Amethi as soon as Arvind Kejriwal is de-hospitalized after the recent bout of slaps meted to him by the aam aadmis of India.

What about Sonia Gandhi? Well her phone lines are all disconnected, but our reporters, diligent and persistent as they are, peeked into her living room window and found her singing munda saada doli char gaya, band baj gaya.

In related news, five hundred young girls all over India have committed suicide after learning this news. Their families and the whole nation eagerly waits for a statement by the recently wed.

For better or for worse, the maa ka laadla definitely bigad gaya.