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After Modi episode, BJP advices all its workers to marry through swayamvar

19, Apr 2014 By Paras Singhal

After the Modi-marriage debacle, the BJP is in no mood to have any more obstacles on it’s otherwise smooth campaign for coming Lok Sabha Elections. BJP has ordered its cadre and office bearers that henceforth, all of them should get married only through swayamvar.

Narendra Modi
“Mitron, follow the advice”

BJP Senior leader, Ravi Shankar Prasad, said. “Modi could not recall his marriage because he married at a young age and the ceremony was very small. If he had married in a grand ‘big, fat wedding’ style, he would have remembered that occasion even today. Now, everybody cannot afford a big, fat wedding, but the least they can do is to organize a swayamvar to choose a bride. The local news channels can cover the event, which can last for as long as one month. There is no way you can forget your marriage after that.’

Soon after the announcement, several male BJP members have put forth their candidatures for the swayamvar. Even female BJP workers have welcomed the idea and are busy covering every nook and corner of the city with new posters having taglines, ‘Swayamvar se jayenge sasural, Ab ki baar Modi Sarkaar’.

Congress has quickly dismissed this as another proof that BJP is anti women. In his campaign today, addressing a large gathering of about 100 people, Rahul Gandhi said, “This shows that BJP does not consider respect women. 10 women competing to marry one groom, is so anti-women. If you vote for us, we will empower the women. We would introduce Rajiv Gandhi Mahila Swayamvar Joyana, where woman could choose her husband from 10 competing men. We would telecast it Live on national channels. That is the women empowerment that my father dreamt of”, and then quickly added a new slogan, ‘Har Naari ko Shakti, Har Naari chun Sakti’.

Rakhi Sawant has welcomed Rahul Gandhi’s statement and is clearly thrilled by that idea that Swayamvar would be telecast Live. She said, “One month in politics, and I realize that this is my chai ki pyali. I don’t get paid to wear bizarre costumes; I cannot show my expensive tattoos, I cannot shout at or slap anybody and worse, I don’t get paid at all”.

However, on being told that that Swayamvar organized by Rahul Gandhi can at best be social events and would not have any sponsors, she quickly adjusted her green chilly costume and moved on with her three supporters to campaign in the next galli.

Last heard, Senior BJP leader, Nitin Gadkari was seen inquiring with Ravi Shankar Prasad about the menu for the first Swayamvar and pointing to his stomach winked, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”.