Friday, 27th April, 2018

After Make in India, PM Modi launched 'Make out in India'

15, Apr 2015 By rocky

New Delhi: There couldn’t have been better place than France to announce new scheme “Make out in India” to attract tourism in our country. Narendra Modi announced his another pet project and made a promise to make India the next sex haven. It has been considered a major step towards “Ease of Doing”.

With this scheme tourists will have freedom to involve in PDA and couples would get discounts in Govt. resorts. Indians will also be benefited from this scheme. Govt. also asked ‘kiss of love’ protesters to come up with a logo to promote this. As narendra Modi announced, Sushma Swaraj immediately left for tour of Amsterdam and Thailand to get investment and ideas to promote Scheme. She is determined to make a record here and is way ahead of Narendra Modi in foreign diplomacy.

While liberals across the country celebrated this moment and posted pictures all over the Internet, VHP and Shiv Sena workers were shocked and protested outside 7RCR (while Modi was in France) and had sent Sherwanis and suits to Modi’s house.

Although surprised, but all major parties cutting across party lines welcomed this move of Narendra Modi. Digvijay Singh demanded that benefits should be trickled down to singles too and blamed the party of being anti singles.