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After loose motions, Arvind Kejriwal now suffers from short memory loss, forgets his earlier promises

06, Jan 2014 By waxknor

After suffering from loose motion immediately after taking oath, Arvind Kejriwal is now being reported to be suffering from Short term memory loss.

Arvind Kejriwal
Kejriwal being taken away after forgetting his way.

Dr. Harsha Vardaan, specialist from Vardhmaan Medical College, said, that the first signs of disease were felt few days back when AAP took the support from Congress to form the government, something that Arvind Kejriwal was opposed to before elections and even after suffering from loose motions.

The signs became more apparent on Monday, when Arvind Kejriwal denied he has proof against Shiela Dixit. This meant that he did n’t remember his earlier quote that he has proof against Sheila Dixit’s corruption.

Dr. Varsha, has confirmed the tests done today and said that it is diagnosed as Short term memory loss. “After Arvind Kejriwal accepted the two duplex bunglows of five bedroom each today, something he said earlier he will not take, the tests appear positive’, said the Specialist from AIIMS.

The specialist from AIIMS also said that, these are just the early signs and the disease can get dangerous.

“Mr Kejriwal might forget that he is just the CM of Delhi and not yet PM of India since that might result him becoming Short-tem-Speech less”, she said. Although she said that such cases are rare and is active only at people serving the Prime Ministership.

Mr Arvind Kejriwal was not available for comments, since he is now no longer an Aam Aadmi but a CM, FN tried to get reactions from Kumar Vishwas.

‘These are just the frustration and allegations of BJP” said the leader while playing with rubik’s cube.

When reminded by FN, that Arvind Kerjriwal  indeed made commitments earlier, Mr Vishvas said that this is a common ailment and everybody suffers from it after winning the elections.