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After learning from Kejriwal now Rahul wants to pair up with Modi

08, Jan 2014 By trolldevi

Everyone know that after Delhi elections Rahul Gandhi declared that Congress has to learn a lot of things from AAP and Arvind Kejriwal.

Rahul Gandhi talking in faking press meet
“Keep your enemies closer”

It’s not just a statement but he actually followed it. First they found RG with  AAP caps and broom sticks and now he even started following Kejriwal’s principles like “Pair up with the Rival”. Rahul searched for a month to find a good rival and finally ended up with Modi’s profile in his hand.

When we asked Digvijay singh about Rahul’s decision, he simply replied, “Rahul baba takes a decision only after thinking about it thoroughly. I personally witnessed  how much thinking he did and how many calculations he did. Rahul babahimself calculated escape velocity of all political parties and finally tallied with BJP.”

When we went to get Sonia ji’s interview,all we got is a photo of her facepalm which we don’t have because our photographer forgot to take the camera cap off.

When we asked Modiji about his reaction to Rahul’s offer.He entered into MMS mode(Mute mode) and so we concluded he’s still thinking about it.

Finally RG held a press conference exclusively for faking news and clarified (kinda) our doubts. “I really never thought there will be a day that I want to pair up with Modiji. This will be a historical event which everyone’s gonna remember forever.We will try our best together to win 2014 ‘Bournvita Champions quiz’ Thank you.”