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After Kejriwal and Rahul Baba, Modi Parties in South Asian Nations

19, Mar 2015 By Ankur

New Delhi. There is a joyous feeling everywhere on spread for India’s sensational performance and taking a clue from that India’s PM Narendra Modi recently had a ball in South Asian countries. Not only this, he even with an intent of making foreign affairs minister of India, Sushma Swaraj jealous clicked some cool selfies at picturesque beaches of Mauritius, Seychelles and Sri Lanka with great captions to support them.

The so called holiday cum visit to these three countries is said to have tipped from Arvind Kejriwal, CM of Delhi, more known for his instincts of coughing and muffler than strikes that he held in different poses. Apparently, it is believed that Kejriwal could only get rid of his most beloved cough, which never gave upon him even during the most adverse times of his life it stuck with him.

But the CM showed some traitorous tactics to shrug away his most loyal friend at some spa center disguised as naturopathy treatment in Bengaluru. Similar traits of betrayal were seen surfacing by the relatives of Sushma, who was left behind by the PM on every opportunity of tour come vacation he had in the name of bettering relationships with different nations.

Nrendra Modi clicking pictures during his visit
Nrendra Modi clicking pictures during his visit

If sources are to be believed Swaraj even spent loads of money for shopping owing to tours of nations which boast of one of the finest beaches in the world. But little did she know, Modi had an agenda of going alone with his close aids, after all he’s an alleged bachelor.

It so seems that there is a trend going on. Rahul Baba got so angry from his party-men that took a self proclaimed exile and went for partying, near by where MH370 drowned. Rahul is known to discover new stuffs every time he walks off from something. Who can forget the classic way of him tearing apart the ordinance bill, putting to shame even Amitabh Bachchan with his sincere act.

Conjectures are even that Sonia’s son is partying after incredibly white washing their Congress party in every elections since the past year including Lok Sabha and assembly elections. Sushma, Kejriwal and PM Modi are in support of Rahul Baba’s sabbatical, which will rejuvenate him to script another fence of a complete unadulterated whitewash in the elections to come.

Sushma too expected the same treatment from her party-men, but sadly Modi gave him a miss and toured alone. It’s said he even took part in many water sports and fished out many conspiracies against him in the Indian Ocean. Opposition have recently taken over to this issue of Modi being a vegetarian did some fishing in the beauteous sights of South Asian countries.

They even alleged the foreign minister for indulging in internet, looking for at the beaches, which apparently caused a bill more than collective bills of parliamentarian. Some MPs outraged for she even violated the code and went beyond using the quota limit of minority community. On the other side, Modi was seen smirking with an unabated intent for having fun and nobody noticing him in a random session of parliament.