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After Food Security Bill Congress to pass Toffee Security Bill as Rahul insists

17, Apr 2014 By Alok Malik

New Delhi. After criticizing the toffee model of Gujarat, Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi has now promised voters to pass another crucial reform like Food Security Bill, in form of a Toffee Security Bill, if UPA comes to power for third time.

Rahul Gandhi Sleeves
“Don’t take me lightly”

Rahul Gandhi is said to have got the idea from his sister Priyanka Gandhi whose husband Robert Vadra is a already a leading toffee industrialist in Haryana, buys land at rate of toffee and sells at rate of chocolate as Ashok Khemka an IAS officer of Haryana has pointed out many times.

“After she read about the land deals of leading toffee makers in Gujarat, Priyanka realised that her husband was bigger and more experienced toffee industrialist, who has setup his business in mainly in Haryana, so she thought we will use our expertise in creating a better toffee model than Gujarat’s. And also Robert Vadra will be heading the draft committee of Toffee Security Bill as he is the most famous and most experienced toffee industrialist of India,” said Digvijay Singh in an interview.

He also talked to us about the common excitement he and Rahul share about the prospects of this bill as it is expected to increase toffee production in country.

On the other hand Sonia Gandhi accused BJP of copying their idea of selling land at the rate of toffee.

“BJP has copied our idea of selling toffee and land at same rate, we at congress have already been doing it in all the congress ruled states for more than past 5 years, so if this time we come power we will pass it as a central bill to make compulsory for all states to sell land to toffee industrialists at rate of toffee,” said Sonia Gandhi.

While Kejriwal also didn’t forget to add the name of Ambani to the list of toffee industrialists who are expected to have profit from this bill  and threatened to go on toffee strike if the bill is passed.

“This bill is more for the profit of Ambani and less for Aam Aadmi because toffee is eaten only by children not by aadmis(men),” said kejriwal addressing a rally.

Rahul gandhi took this proposal of bill even a step ahead, thinking of need of his counterparts he announced in his rally full of children and toffee fans that he will also give 5 kg toffees for free every month to every kid in India besides lower land rates for toffee industrialists.

“One out of every two children is starving in Gujarat; this is the Gujarat model the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) keeps taking about, after producing so many toffees they still don’t have toffees to give to children, corruption is clearly visible, they eat all the toffees and leave nothing for you, that’s why we have decided to give you toffee security of 5kg toffee each month,” he said, expressing confidence that the Congress would retain power after the elections.

Children in rally responded to this announcement by shouting the new slogan of the party “har hath toffee har hath chocolate”. Though later he retracted from his statement after Digvijay Singh told him that children who eat toffee are not eligible to vote in elections.