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After farmers suicide & food park issue, Rahul to speak against Dynastic Politics

14, May 2015 By Akash

New Delhi. After attacking Modi’s government on issues like land acquisition bill, food park in Amethi, Rahul Gandhi seems unstoppable in scathing the central government. Congress has informed the media that Rahul will be taking up the issue of dynastic politics in Lok Sabha’s upcoming session.

Talking to Faking News, MP Sachin Pilot said, “Yes, he will be speaking on this issue and it’s a need of the hour acknowledging the serious political situation where a minister’s or MP’s son becomes an MP very easily.”

“This Suit-Boot Govt is speechless over Dynastic Politics! They know nothing. I will enlighten everyone.”

Shocked by his comment, as Mr. Pilot being himself a Dynastic, when our reporter asked the reason for taking this issue, he said, “Look, this issue is completely in line with the issues taken up by Mr. Gandhi earlier. Be it Land Bill, farmers suicide. All are there since congress’ time. Even food park in Amethi was already about to shut in our time. But Rahul ji raised it in Loksabha, blaming BJP for it. So, as dynastic politics.” he smiled.

He further said, “Look at me or Rahul ji for that matter. We all are inherited with this profession. Now if he is taking up all the issues generated by Congress, why shouldn’t he speak about dynastic politics in India. A dynasty speaking against dynastic politics, how cool that would be, he smiled.

There are sharp reactions coming from various parties on this announcement by Congress. Poonam Mahajan of BJP responded, “It’s too hypocritical of Rahul to speak against dynasty rule. Even I could have spoken but choose not to realizing the hypocrisy associated with it. I have that sense. I will speak about everything but not dynasty rule. I am a politician after all.” She also advised Rahul to not speak on this issue.

Meanwhile, Digvijay Singh, as always has congratulated Rahul for this move of his. He attributed this to the braveness of Mr. Gandhi. He said, “Who else will have the dare to speak against the issues which are related to him only. Today, the world regards him as the greatest example of dynastic politics. And now he will be speaking against it. I salute him for his bold decision.”