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After egg and ink, Kejriwal attacked again by communal mosquitoes

26, Mar 2014 By visshu

Kejriwal Attacked
Wiping the saffron colour blood from his face.

Varanasi UP: Kejriwal has been going around every part of country that can provide him some media coverage. Varanasi was no different.

To ensure continued media attention he had already told media that there is a possibility that BJP or Modi (read Saffron supporters) supporters may attack him. So, everyone was eagerly waiting for the action. It was like going to a Salman Khan movie; you already know that there would be actions scenes and jabardast dialoguebazi.

His popularity might have taken a dip after Cong withdrew its support in Delhi, but his towel hung on to him for more than 49 minutes when he took dip in Ganga.

Everything worked as planned; the eggs and ink was thrown at the perfect moment when he was about to go on roadshow. AAP supports claimed that it was BJP behind these attacks while BJP claimed that it was self-created bawaal as ink and eggs were thrown after the bath, to make sure it stays visible during road show.

But shockingly Kejriwal has claimed that there was a third attack on him and he has enough evidence for this attack to prove that it was from Modi supporters.

Kejriwal was reportedly attacked by four communal mosquitoes… yes not one not two but four communal mosquitoes.

If sources are to be believed, everything in the rally was going well and Kejriwal was openly challenging Mr. Modi for an open debate. Suddenly, according to Kejriwal four mosquitoes (allegedly Modi supporters) attacked him and started biting him. When our reporter Nasht Dimaag Aadmi (NDA) asked how he is so sure that Modi and BJP are behind this attack, Kejriwal told that they were (mosquitoes) chanting communal slogans in his ears.

“I asked them if they are Modi supporters, they again created same sound- “hhmmmmm”. I think hhmmmmm is acronym for ‘Har Har Modi’. It was so annoying, and I had to slap myself twice to kill all four Mosquitos. I was shocked to see saffron color liquid slapped across my forehead and cheeks. Now tell me how Modi and BJP cannot be behind this attack,” he argued.

He also termed his victory a Krantikari effort and ‘Aam Aadmi’s jeet over communal forces.