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After disrupting Parliament, Congress to follow BJP strategy on Ayodhya, Common Civil Code

07, Aug 2015 By megamind

New Delhi. Congress issued it’s strategy book for party workers on how they will function for next four years. In the book, party admitted candidly that they

We too, will ban 2 minutes waali Maggie
We too, will ban 2 minutes waali Maggie

do not have experience of being in opposition, so they will exactly do whatever BJP was doing all these years including disruption of Parliament, demand for Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, Common Civil Code and demand to abolish article 370.

They also revealed that just before 2019 General Election, Rahul will become Party president and Sonia Gandhi along with Manishankar Aiyar will be forced to join ‘Marg DarshakMandal’. Looking at the dominance of one person instead of two, Nitish Kumar will break his alliance with Congress, similar to what he did with BJP in 2013. When asked by faking news correspondent on why Congress will do that – Rahul Gandhi clarified, “This is a formula to win elections. BJP did that in 2014, so we will follow it”. When asked, what will they project similar to ‘Gujrat Model’, Rahul Gandhi answered, he will project ‘Amethi Model’. When he was reminded that Amethi is just a constituency and not a state, Rahul switched back to ‘Women Empowerment’ model.

Later, when Kumar Vishwas was contacted to comment on Amethi Model, he said he is not going to comment on Amethi because people of Amethi have rejected him. However, on ‘Women Empowerment’ model, he would suggest Rahul Gandhi to learn it’s implementation from Somnath Bharti.