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After declaring himself Government, Najeeb Jung ready to give full Sultanatehood to Delhi

26, Jul 2015 By Harsh

New Delhi: It’s raining good news for Delhiets in July this year. After 18 months of political soap opera, people of Delhi made up their mind and elected Arvind’s party to form government. Barely 3 months after taking office by elected government, it seems Delhi has got multiple governments.

People were pleasantly surprised this month when they got “Elect one government and get one free” offer from Lt.Governor.

The government of Delhi thinking about the future of Delhi

Few days back Lt.Gov. Mr. Najeeb Jung observed that the new government is totally overworked and need extra government to support them. Sensing urgency of matter he promptly declared himself Government of Delhi from immediate effect.

He followed his words with issuing many transfer orders and appointments of govt officials. Some government officials are now in possession of as many as 25 transfer orders and searching for a wise parrot to pick one order to execute.

Some stupid critics are questioning why there was not one government in sight when Commonwealth Games were organized in Delhi and whole world caught us in birthday suit.

Brushing these criticism aside Lt. Gov. Jung is now ready to give Delhi another gift this year. There was long standing demand of full statehood to be given to Delhi. Respecting this demand Mr. Jung led government has decided to restore old glory of Delhi.

They held an emergency meeting of cabinet and decided with majority vote of 1:0 to declare Delhi a Sultanate. Delhi will be called The Sultanate of Delhi with effect form 24 October this year when the country will be observing 240th birth anniversary of Bahadur Shah Zafar (The last emperor of Delhi Sultanate).

Sensing opportunity with these development some new aspirants are coming forward to form Government in Delhi. One of the front runner is Police Chief Mr. BS Bassi who challenged chief minister for debate.

Finally Delhi may have more than its share of governments this End of season sale ……