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After conquering social media, PM Modi targets Tinder & other dating apps

12, May 2015 By burabandar

“I’m not a Bhakt without a God. My Bhagwan, Shri Narendra Modi Ji is more ubiquitous on social media than the ‘other’ God is in air & water.”

                                                                        Jignesh Patel (Narendra Modi Bhakt)

When Social Media becomes Social Modia.
When Social Media becomes Social Modia.

Said truly. PM Modi has taken the social media by storm – think of a network and he is there – be it Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Viber, Youtube – Mr. Modi is playing the quintessential Big Brother already. Some segments in his team have also said that the team did a time travel and actually created an Orkut profile for Modi Ji – way back then. Recently Modi Ji also went international by creating an account on Weibo.

With virtually every respectable social network channel covered, the ace team behind the man has plans to diversify its footprint. The next destination is – Tinder and other dating apps. Meet Mukesh Mukherjee, the man behind the idea, “Modi Ji has already dominated the social media. He is so popular that in a recent quiz in Britain, 75% of the students wrote Narendra Modi as the PM of UK than Cameron Bhai. Such is his domination on social media that we are continuously approached by Pepsi, Coke, Red Bull and other brands to promote their products on our social media platforms. So what is the next step? This was a task that was given to me by Bade Bhai Narendra Ji & Chote Bhai Amit Ji. I suggested Modi Ji should have a profile on Tinder too. As he is single & always ready to mingle, this is the correct platform for him to be at. They are very happy with the plan and we will be rolling out soon with Modi Ji’s Tinder profile.”

Rajneesh Jhunjhunwala, social analyst opines, “Modi on Tinder will put to rest forever who is the most eligible bachelor around. Period. Neither Salman nor Rahul can match the charisma of Modi and on Tinder he will be a roaring success. This is a great vision of a great leader.”

However, not all are happy with it. There are murmurs in the RSS that the move will go against the Indian culture. Some had even suggested a & but since Mr. Modi is not looking for marriage, the idea was quietly dropped. Praveen Togadia & Subramanian Swamy in collaboration with Shank Naad have suggested an alternative – a ‘Bhai-Behan’ finder app to take on Tinder where the PM can have a presence.