Friday, 23rd March, 2018

After Congress's plea, EC to hide all lotus and tie all hands

30, Oct 2013 By Baawra Chhora

Election commission has accepted MP Congress’s plea to hide all Lotus as election are coming. Anticipating a similar plea by BJP , Election Commission has already directed MP Police to tie “hand” of all voters 2 days before the elections to avoid Congress getting undue campaign advantage.


Bihar govt has been advised to replace free cycles to minority girls scheme with a free Tata Nano scheme.This was protested against by Nitish Kumar claiming Tata Nano to be communal vehicle as it is made in Gujarat.

Meanwhile all the trees in Tamil Nadu with green leaves have been ordered to either be cut down or covered. TN govt is contemplating talks with UP govt to use the same covers used by Mayawati during UP elections . In Delhi, All the jhaadoo (broomsticks) have been captured by Delhi police causing a massive outrage among housewives while a petition to keep all “Aam Aadmi” in custody till the elections is being heard by Delhi High Court .

Rahul has called this move of EC as complete nonsense ,”How am I supposed to save myself from 250 mosquitoes let alone 25000 if my coworkers’  hands are tied?”. When asked by an enthusiastic young boy how is he going to vote with tied hands , Rahul replied “”Stop asking your politicians how they’re gonna do it, and start asking yourself how you’re gonna do it”. When asked the same question, Mr Shinde replied “I have got some important engagement that day, and I shall not be able to vote “

A notice from EC said “Since all the hands shall be tied, the voting this time shall occur by speaking out the party or candidate name” which has pissed off a certain Mr Sardar Singh.