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After Chandra Mohan Sharma rises from the dead, The Undertaker joins AAP

28, Aug 2014 By surajr

 New Delhi: In the aftermath of AAP member Chandra Mohan Sharma rising from the dead, former WWE superstar The Undertaker has joined AAP.

Undertaker and his assistant Paul Bearer have been put in charge of the Death Valley Chapter of the AAP.

The Undertaker rising from the dead.

Speaking to journalists in a hastily gathered press conference, senior AAP leader Yogendra ‘Salim’ Yadav said, “Over his illustrious career in the WWE, The Undertaker has come back from the dead multiple times. Rising from the dead is the U-Turn of the highest order and he clearly has expertise in this domain.”

“Apart from his death gimmicks, he is an excellent actor in the ring and can simulate being hit on the head, slapped on the cheek & getting body slammed extremely convincingly. Clearly, there is a lot of synergy between The Undertaker and AAP. This will be a mutually beneficial association for all concerned,” added Mr. Yadav, stroking his beard gently.

Joining the press conference via Google Hangouts, The Undertaker told to the gathered media, “Just like Salimbhai mentioned, we share a lot of common heritage such as putting up a grand spectacle, constant theatrics to maintain audience interest and simulation of violence. I have been on a long sabbatical since Wrestlemania XXX where my undefeated streak finally ended. After I saw the miraculous resurrection of Shri Chandra Mohan Sharmaji, I suddenly felt an innate connection with AAP and its dramatic leaders and I decided to enter the Last Man Standing match that is Indian Politics. I have a huge fan following in India, specially since I know who Sachin Tendulkar is, and I hope I can channelize it to garner more support for AAP both in India and in the United States of America.”

The Hangouts session then ended abruptly, following which the press conference was instantly plunged into darkness. Sudden flashes of lightning were visible, a deathly smoke pervaded the conference room and a haunting Bell began ringing in the background. This scared the living daylights of several journalists who left the auditorium in a mad dash.

AAP Spokesperson Ashutosh83B welcomed The Undertaker to AAP in his customary style by tweeting “Welcome to the @AamAadmiParty, Aanda-taker. Rest in Pieces.”

This development is expected to gather major interest in the mainstream media with Times Now already recruiting additional Hashtag experts and India TV hiring Baba Bengali to explain the miracle of rising from the dead.