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After Chai Pe Charcha, Election Commission allots names for discussion programs

18, Mar 2014 By MRP

Following the launch of Narendra Modi’s chai pe charcha program, organizations promoting other drinks complained to the election commission that the tea industry was being unduly favoured.

The commission decided to ban chai pe charcha, but political parties protested as they too wanted to conduct similar programs. The drinks industry too lobbied along with the parties.

While permitting such programs, the  commission however did not allow the parties to call them by any name. Instead the commission alloted names to the programs, just like they allot election symbols to parties. Below is the list.  

Chai pe Charcha – already taken by Modi

Jal Jeera with Jayalalitha

Cough Syrup with Kejriwal

Koffee with Karan (Singh)

Mosambi Juice with Mulayam. (Earlier allotted to Manmohan Singh, who declined it, saying he won’t be able to speak.)

Arrack with Akhilesh

Toddy with Yeddy (Yeddyurappa)

Cappuccino with Sonia (Italian connection)

Rasna with Rahul

Lemonade with Lalu

Chikoo Shake with Chidambaram

Maaza with Mamata

Aam Ras with Advani

Martini with Antony

Honey with Mani (Shankar Iyer)

Distilled Water with Digvijay

Malt Whiskey with Mayavati

Scotch Whiskey with Salman Kurshid

Madras Filter Coffee with Karunanidhi

Sherbet with Shinde

Well Water with Vayalar Ravi

Margarita with Margaret Alwa

Rum with Raja

Colada with Kalmadi

Root Beer with Ravishankar

Herbal Tea with Heptullah

Vodka with Vaiko

Nimbu Paani with Nitish Kumar

Sprite with Sushma

Soda with Sisodia

Espresso with Yechury