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After Cameron, Rahul Baba apologizes for getting born. Many others say sorry too.

23, Feb 2013 By Sandeep Singh

Delhi : Soon after the unofficial apology of the British Prime Minister David Cameron, the same trend went viral in the Indian Political backyard too.

On Wednesday, Cameron visited Jallianwala Bagh and wrote “This was a deeply shameful act in the British History” on the Visitors book of the garden that witnessed the British cruelty ages ago.

The apology proved a little and a lot late but still it was welcomed from various media houses and the Social Networking sites. There were many tweets and many more copied tweets that made the topics “David Cameron” , “Jallianwala Bagh” , “Kohinoor” trend at top positions . The response was huge as the topics were on top of the contest trends such as “#IfIWonPoonamPandeysBikini” and “#MyKaiPoCheFriend” .

As the past has already seen, the Indian Politicians took a que from the west.

The idea of apologizing for the past and gain public sympathy was a superhit food for thought. The Public Relation teams of the Khadi policy makers were quick with a press release to be read aloud in front of the Journalists.

There were many that joined the bandwagon but Rahul Gandhi stole the thunder when he again won the bet comprehensively. The bet with Digvijay Singh about “Who can sound more stupid?”

“90% of the Punjabi Youth are not Drug addicts , that was a very stupid statement to say . and yes Potatoes are very expensive,” Rahul Gandhi said in the press conference held on Friday.

After numerous more apologies of the past, the part that generated a lot of cheer from the audience was “That day was really shameful , Yes the day I was born.”

The unofficial apology of Rahul Baba for getting born was also a huge hit in the media. However the top tweet was the one demanding an official apology for the concerned.

The next one cashing in on the “Say it with a Sorry” club was Abhijit Mukhrji. The presiDENT’s son is infamous for the remark of his on the Protests that were held for the Nirbhaya Rape case.

“As I have already said it a thousand times on Arnab’s show, still going by the auspiciousness of the time I am saying it one more time. I have Withdrawn and APOLOGIZED my statement.”

Suresh Kalmadi also seemed quite saddened by his own deeds, others to follow the Cameron trend were A Raja, Lalit Modi, Pranab Mukhrji, and Pratibha Patil.

Manmohan Singh
Manmohan Singh Wrote to Media in his Press Conference

Manmohan Singh also wrote in his press conference “Sorry , I am not great with words. And yes, Theek Hai was a technical error.”

The apology viral broke out of the Political genre when SRK also chipped in, “My Lovely viewers, I am sorry I haunted you with”.

Ram Gopal Verma also was full of regret when he tweeted, “I knew I should have remained a spot boy. This whole Director thing is not my cup of tea.”

Cricket wasn’t too far from the whole fiasco . BCCI apologized to ICC and all other Cricket Boards for being anti-DRS. Dhoni also said in an interview, “Well , Of Course Rohit Sharma and Jadeja should play in the Women’s Cricket Team, Sorry I insist with them.”

Sachin Tendulkar was reluctant but his fans pressurized him to his tolerance level and he also finally apologized for retiring.

For the first time , Suresh Raina himself tweeted from his account, “Sorry for that Tweet , You all know it’s my naughty nephew right?”

Pakistan also apologized for the inhumane behavior and India has once again  stepped closer towards peace with a home series of Cricket Matches.